Fashionista Blogs Shine Holiday Lights for Reading,
Quilting, & Power Outages with Beam N Read

ASF Lightware Solutions joins with 40 Fashionista blogs for reading light / quilting light / travel light giveaway

Chief Blonde enjoys her Beam N Read Hands Free Light

Merrick, NY - ASF Lightware Solutions Beam N Read Hands Free Lights are appraised as holiday gifts by 40 Fashionista blogs combined with a giveaway from November 28 to December 17. Worn around the neck, the light is used for quilting, reading, travel, power outages, mobility, and other tasks.

Participating blogs include: Still Blonde After All These Years; Modly Chic; Simply Stacie; Pretty, Polished, Perfect; The Maven of Social Media; Fashion in the Forest; Keenly Kristin; and 33 others. The full list is on the News & Events page ( at

The 40 blogs will combine to giveaway for stocking stuffers or to keep for personal use the popular Beam N Read LED 6 Deluxe Hands Free Light with 6 LEDs in a row shining an extra bright and wide light.

"The Fashionista Team is a demanding group," said Arthur Friedman, President of ASF Lightware Solutions. "We're excited to work with them during the busy holiday season." The Fashionista Team will use blogs, Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds, and other social media to inform their communities about the Beam N Read light and the giveaway.

"When I saw the Beam N Read, I thought, What a great design!" said Shelley Zurek, Chief Fashionista who writes the blog "I have tried a zillion book lights and guess what? Most don't work. They either fall off the book or fall off the computer or just aren't bright enough. Well... the Beam N Read sheds light on all your up close work! I can now go back to cross stitching (which I LOVE!) but I have given it up because I simply cannot see because I can't get enough light on my work."

"The Beam N Read is one of the most ingenious products I've seen in a long, long time," said Kristin Wilkinson who blogs as "It has solved a problem that has been an ongoing issue for me (or my husband, rather) -- reading and using my iPad and smartphone in our bedroom at night. Now I can use the Beam N Read with the filter and it doesn't keep him awake, while allowing me to do whatever I need or want to do!"

The Beam N Read LED Hands Free Light is worn around the neck and can be used as a reading light or kindle light, crafts light for quilting & knitting, power outage light and travel light

"I opened the package in front of a family friend, who immediately claimed it as her own," exclaimed Katy Rose of the Fashionista blog "She does a lot of reading and has been trying to add more lights to her room to make reading easier. Now, she keeps the overhead light on and just uses the Beam and Read."

The Beam N Read LED 6 Deluxe Hands Free Light lights up personal space anywhere - a chair, car, plane, or even in bed. The extra wide light is especially useful for quilting, knitting, and crochet. The extra bright light is also helpful for aging baby boomers and others who benefit from brighter light for reading, caregiving, and other activities. As a reading light it works with eReaders such as the Kindle and Nook, printed books, and newspapers. For mobility, it leaves hands free walking in dim or dark places. The extra long battery life makes it ideal as a mobility and task light during a power outage and for travel and camping.

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