Beam N Read Hands Free Lights & Magnifiers
The Personal Portable Hands Free Light
for Light Anywhere, Anytime That Won't Disturb Others

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Keyboard Vision AIds


Extraordinary Vision Aids

Beam N Read Hands Free Light
Beam N Read Hands Free Light

PC/Mac Keyboard Vision Aids!


Beam N Read Hands Free Light

the bold letters
are 5/16" tall


4 sets, each, with 109 extra bold stick-ons

1.black letters on white

2.black on yellow

3.yellow letters on black

4.white on black

Ideal for Mix and Match.



KBV Stickons shown with the Notebook Computer Light

NCL400: For security vehicles, boats, planes. Allows productive use of time in dim dark places. Evenly illuminates keyboard, display, and work area. Includes 14v DC vehcile adapter with hi-lo dimmer & 6 spare Ektron bulbs (4 clear + 2 red for night vision).


...for anywhere you need light without distubing others


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