Beam N Read Twin® with AC


Arthur S. Friedman, President
ASF Lightware Solutions

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New light offers twin bulb reflector for double brightness

New York, NY --May 12, 2004--ASF Lightware Solutions, leaders in portable lighting solutions, today announced its Beam N Read® Twin (BNR Twin) Hands-Free Light with a twin bulb reflector for double brightness. This lightweight, compact, patented light is placed comfortably around the neck and is designed to illuminate evenly and broadly, anytime, anywhere.

The BNR Twin light is ideal for (24+) high visibility uses such as choirs, night deliveries, reading, writing, night walking, restaurants, theaters, keyboards, monitors, craft work, quilting, crocheting, needlework, sewing, traveling, hotels, planes, trains, commuting, meetings, presentations, camping, fishing, nursing, home and child care, emergencies and anywhere people may need bright light without disturbing others.

"In low light conditions, particularly for those with special vision needs, it is often vital to have a hands free light available ," states Arthur S. Friedman, ASF president. "We developed the new Beam N Read® Twin Hands Free Multi-Use Light to comfortably aid people in low light situations without disturbing others around them.

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The Beam N Read® Twin Hands Free Multi-Use Light is powered by 4 AA batteries (alkaline, lithium or rechargeables--not included) or by 1.0 amp AC Adapter (included).

The BNR Twin with AC kit includes the light itself with the twin bulb reflector, a thin, flat, cost effective 1.0 amp AC Adapter with an 8 ft. cord, 2 spare Ektron® bulbs, adjustable neck strap and fastening strips to affix the light to a computer monitor ln order to illuminate the keyboard.

>From early August '04, the BNR Twin with AC can be purchased by calling, toll free, 1-800-771-3600. Additionally, for locations of stores and catalogs or to order directly, from ASF at $29.95 plus shipping and handling and/or to inquire about quantity discounts, call the toll free number. Still available is the original and popular Beam N Read® with the single bulb reflector which can be purchased at $15.95 plus shipping and handling (AC Adapter not included).

About ASF Lightware Solutions
For more than twenty years, ASF Lightware Solutions has created and patented over 25 products which it manufactures and markets. Its high visibility product line has given those with low vision a new lease on life.

For further information or to order, please go to ASF's website at; call toll free, 1-800-771-3600; email or fax at 1-800-625-6897.