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NEW! The Beam N Read® LED 3 Light with 3 Energy Saving LED Bulbs and 4 AA batteries will last 120 hours at full brightness. Because of these energy savings, the cost of the light quickly pays for itself.  In addition, the Beam N Read® LED 3 light has over 28 uses.

February 2006: ASF Lightware Solutions of Merrick, NY has just introduced the patented Beam N Read® LED 3  Reading and Travel Light. This was accomplished by replacing the Ektron® bulb in the Classic  BNR with 3 White LED bulbs while retaining all of the valuable features of the Classic Beam N Read® including an adjustable neck strap and reflector. Since 1990, over 3 million Classic Beam N Read® Lights have been sold. The change to 3 LED bulbs converts the BNR light from very useful to incredible.

The proven benefits of this BNR light with 3 LED bulbs are as follows.

1. Battery life is at least 120 hours at full brightness or 30 times longer than Classic BNR usage. Thus, the cost of the BNR LED 3 pays for itself by not having to replace batteries for a very long time. (Uses 4 AA batteries - included). 
2. The BNR LED 3 light with 3 white LED bulbs, using 4 AAs, has more than double or triple the battery power of non-ASF clip-on reading lights which use 4 AAAs. The BNR LED 3 lasts 5 times longer at full brightness and has over 28 uses while a clip-on reading light has only one use.  Among the many uses of the BNR LED 3 Light are in Emergencies and Power Outages; as Vision Aids; while Reading, Night Walking, Traveling, Camping or Fishing; for all craft projects particularly needlework; at Hotels, on Planes and Trains; while Commuting or making Presentations; for lighting Keyboards—wherever light is needed without disturbing others.

Whether on a plane, in a hotel, or visiting dimly lit sites, the BNR LED 3 is an invaluable companion. It also makes a great gift!

3. LED bulbs do not burn out.

4. Also included is an attachable red filter to help avoid night blindness.

5. The BNR LED 3 reading and travel light has an msrp of $19.95. 

6. Coming soon for craft users: The addition of the Beam N Read® LED 103M with 3 clip-on magnifiers --2X, 4X, 6X (BNR LED 103M) to the ever popular BNR 103M—over 600,000 sold since 1993. The difference is the change to the 3 LED Bulbs while retaining all of the Classic features as outlined above. The BNR LED 103M MSRP is $29.95. The $5 cost increase is quickly recovered by the 120 hour battery life. To repeat, the change to 3 LED bulbs converts the BNR light from very useful to incredible.

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