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  Beam N Read LED 3 Hands Free Travel Reading Light | Includes batteries that last 120 hours and a Red Night Vision Filter


Beam N Read ® LED 3 Hands Free Travel Reading Light for Kindle, Power Outages, & More; Batteries Last 100 Hours

"This little light is the most useful, versatile tool I've found in a while..."

for Reading Books, eBooks, Loose Papers, & Writing Journals,
for Travel, Camping, Emergency Light, Crafts, Childcare, and a Lot More

  • Works with All eReaders (Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony Reader, etc.)
  • Includes 3 bright energy saving LEDs delivering a wide light for reading or working
    plus 4 alkaline AA batteries, and a clip on red night vision filter
  • A distinguishing feature is the extra long battery life
    4 standard alkaline AA batteries last an extra long 100 hours ,
    Especially useful for travel and during a power failure
    Compare to only 20 to 40 hours or less advertised for clip on lights
    You'll save money and send fewer batteries to the trash
  • Worn around the neck, shines a steady light from the chest
    No issues about where to attach a clip & unlike clip-on book lights,
    works with all reading materials: books PLUS newspapers, loose papers, and even labels on bottles
  • Another unique feature is the clip on red filter which can be used to soften the light
    and help avoid night blindness when switching between lighted and dark conditions
  • Includes adjustable reflector and neck strap for optimum positioning
  • Optional accessories: Clip on magnifiers, AC power adapter, DC power adapter
  • The BNR LED 3 is one of the most versatile and economical, personal, portable, hands free LED lights
  • Perfect for Readers, Students, Parents, Caregivers, for Home, Auto, Travel, & Emergency light

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