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Beam n Read ® Hands-Free Lights

Personal Light Anywhere, Anytime™

Travel Light | Camping Light
(for personal task and mobility lighting while traveling)

Other Uses: | Reading, Writing | Quilting, Knitting, Crafts | Travel, Camping | Caregiver Light | Seniors, Special Needs | Night Work Light |

Emergency Light | Power Outage Light | Beam n Read LED Hands-Free Light

Travel Light | Camping Light

The versatility of a Beam n Read Light makes it the better choice for travelers. Mini-flashlights aren't designed for reading or knitting or other tasks that need hands free in cars or planes. A clip-on book light is okay for reading books but doesn't handle newspapers, maps, or instructions on paper well nor do they work for quilting, knitting, etc. A Beam n Read Light handles these easily and frees travelers from inadequate lighting in cars, planes, trains, buses or hotels. At night, when street or other lighting is not sufficient, a Beam n Read becomes a handy walking light illuminating the traveler's path while leaving hands free. The extra long battery life is a real plus on the road or in the air, especially in case of power failure while traveling. And the clip on red filter reduces ambient light enabling you to read on a red-eye without disturbing the person sleeping in the next seat.

A Beam n Read Light is great for lighting personal space when camping whether outdoors or in a tent, RV, or cabin. It fills a different need than other lights. A lantern is good for area lighting, a flashlight for hand held spot lighting both near and far, and a headlamp for hands free lighting when engaged in vigorous activities. Worn around the neck, a Beam n Read leaves hands, pockets, and heads free. A Beam n Read provides steady, personal space lighting for walking around camp, reading, knitting, other personal tasks, and even cooking. The extra long battery life keeps them shining when others have gone dim. Some models include a clip-on red filter to help maintain night vision when shifting between lighted and dark conditions.

Beam n Read lights shine an extra wide, bright, and cool light to personal space. No need to sit near a candle or lantern with dim light on your work area. You can have bright light to work anywhere. The reflector head is adjustable for optimum positioning.

Beam n Read LED Hands-Free Lights last longer and keep on shining when most other lights have gone dim. Standard alkaline batteries last for over 100 continuous hours when using 3 LEDs and over 50 hours when using 6 LEDs. Even longer during normal intermittent use. Many bright flashlights don't even last 10 hours. Beam n Read Hands-Free Lights use AA batteries which are the most commonly available batteries worldwide.

Perhaps most important, Beam n Read Hands-Free Lights perform nicely for both mobility and task lighting. Beam n Read lights are uniquely useful for seniors and the disabled who need a hands free, steady light when moving about in the dark using a cane, walker, or wheelchair or just needing hands free for stability. With its flat base it can be used as a mini table lamp such as sitting on a bathroom counter to give light for washing up.

Unlike "book" lights that were designed to clip on printed books, our lights also work hands free with soft materials such as instructions on loose sheets in an emergency supplies kit, as well as newspapers and magazines and even the labels on medication bottles. They also work with all models of eReaders. Unlike headlamps, they won't shine in a companion's eye's when you look up at them.

The Beam n Read LED 6 Hands-Free Task Light and the Beam n Read LED 3 Hands-Free Travel & Reading Light both give a choice between cool daylight-type light or warm incandescent-type light. A clip-on orange filter shifts the LED light to a warm and softer light by reducing blue light. This is useful for those who find the daylight-type light from LEDs too stressful on the eyes. The filtered light is also more relaxing when stitching, reading or doing other tasks in bed at night.

Our patented lights provide a unique combination of features, accessories, versatility, and battery life unmatched by other portable lights. Accessories include clip-on filters, AC and vehicle DC power adapters and a clip-on magnifier. Included accessories vary by model.

Recommended: BNR LED 6-3, BNR LED 3F

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